Extraordinary voices of Iran, Vahdat sisters on Ankara stage

Published 18.06.2017 22:18
Updated 18.06.2017 22:19
Marjan & Mahsa Vahdat
Marjan & Mahsa Vahdat

The Vahdat sisters, the famous voices of Iran, will be in Turkey for the first time on June 20 at the MEB Şura Hall in Ankara.

Born in Tehran in 1973, Mahsa Vahdat started her music career by taking piano lessons from Minoo Mohebbi. Later she continued to work with Laleh Axevli. She worked on traditional Iranian music with Pari Melekî, Mahdi Fellah and Muhsin Keramati. She took lessons from Kurdish sitar coaches, first, Ramin Kakawend and then Mesud Shuari. In 1993, she graduated from the Faculty of Music of Tehran University with a master's degree.

Marjan Vahdat, who was also born in Tehran in 1976, started her music career by taking piano lessons from Minoo Mohebbi like her sister Mahsa and performed vocals for Peri Meleki. She later began to work on Kurdish percussion instruments. She got a rightful reputation in music and performed in various cities by establishing the Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat group together with her sister.

They came to the world music agenda for the first time with the "Lullabies from the Axis of Evil" album in 2004, collected by Norway's most prestigious music company KKV. On this interest, the duo, which made an album in the name of "Songs from a Persian Garden" (2007), began to be known as the voice of Iranian women by offering their concerts abroad.

They released examples of the 11th, 12th and 13th century Iranian poems with their album "Ez Hewa Me," (I am Eve) which they released in 2008, and the album received many international awards.

In 2009, Mahsa released "Scent of Reunion," duets on love with American blues singer Mighty Sam McClain. In 2010, their album "In the mirror of Wine" was released with the Norwegian choir SKRUK and in 2012 the sisters published the album "Twinklings of Hope" which won the American Independent Music award.

In 2012, Mahsa released another album with Mighty Sam McClain, "A Deeper Tone of Longing" and Marjan released her first solo album "Blue Fields." In 2015, Mahsa released "Traces of an Old Vineyard," a collaboration with the Norwegian jazz pianist Tord Gustavsen. In 2016, she released her a cappella album, "The Sun Will Rise," for which she won the German critics' award. In 2017, Marjan released her second solo album "Serene Hope."

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