Romanian gypsy music to shake Istanbul stage

Published 07.11.2018 21:35
Updated 07.11.2018 21:36
Romanian gypsy music to shake Istanbul stage

The Istanbul Jazz Festival, which is being held by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV), is getting ready to bring together another star with his fans in Istanbul. One of the most successful names of Romanian gypsy music, Tcha Limberger together with cellist Uğur Işık, will be at Salon on Nov. 14 with the contribution of the Belgian Flemish Culture Ministry for his newest project, "Bright Bridges."

One of Belgium's most well-known musicians, Limberger, will bring together Turkish, Belgian and Romanian musicians in Bright Bridges. The audience will have a chance to listen to a wide selection of music from flamenco and jazz to Romanian folk-songs and Turkish classical songs.

At the concert being held at Salon at 9:30 p.m., prominent cellist Uğur Işık will accompany Limberger on the stage. A virtuoso not only in cello but also in ud and kemençe, Işık has also composed music for films and documentaries. He reached a wider audience with his contributions to the album "Cello Unveils Anatolian Spirit" and Derya Türkan's "Minstrel's Era" in the company of contra bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons. Having founded his own recording company "Alaturka Records" in 2012, Işık has released three different albums under this name so far.

With Limberger on violin, he will be joined by Alex Simu on the clarinet, Claudio Cioc on cimbalom, Uğur Işık on cello, and Elif Canfeza Gündüz on the kemençe. The concert will be held for the first time in Turkey before its European debut in Ghent, Belgium.

About Tcha Limberger

Born to musician parents, Tcha Limberger started music by playing the clarinet and switched to guitar later. After meeting with Dick van der Harst, he settled on modern jazz and contemporary classical music. He continued to work with Fabrizio Cassol and Alain Platel. Having achieved great success with his band Magyar Nota, the Hungarian-origin artist has recently formed "Les Violons de Bruxelles," in which he collected the best young jazz violinists from around the world. Today, Limberger is known as one of the most well-known representatives of Romanian culture and music.

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