Garanti BBVA Fall Concerts continue nonstop in October

Published 05.10.2019 00:04
Janus Rasmussen will perform at Salon İKSV on Oct. 26.
Janus Rasmussen will perform at Salon İKSV on Oct. 26.

Garanti BBVA Fall Concerts will continue to host significant figures of the jazz world in October. While the Gary Smulyan & Ralph Moore Band will perform on Oct. 7-8, Janus Rasmussen is getting ready to meet music lovers on Oct. 26. The first guest of October in Garanti BBVA Fall Concerts was She Drew The Gun, from Liverpool. The band performed at Babylon on Oct. 4.

In the next concert, multi-instrument expert Gary Smulyan, the six-time Grammy award-winning baritone saxophone star who has been performing with the elites of jazz for more than 10 years, will be accompanied by tenor saxophonist Ralph Moore, impressed by John Coltrane with his jazz saxophone.

The duo will come together with music lovers at Nardis Jazz Club on Oct. 7-8. Starting his musical career with Bloodgroup and continuing it with Kiasmos, Januz Rasmussen, who crowned his minimal techno journey with his first solo album Vin, will take the stage at Salon İKSV on Oct. 26.

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