Next week in Turkey's Parliament

Published 06.07.2014 00:00
Updated 06.07.2014 16:43
Next week in Turkey's Parliament

This week the Turkish Parliament will convene on Tuesday and discuss a draft bill to rekindle a government initiative to end terrorism and improve minority rights. Last Friday the Parliament's internal affairs commission approved the six-article bill titled "The Law to End Terrorism and Strengthen Social Integration."

The bill is expected to be discussed at the general assembly throughout the week. The law requires the government to determine the necessary political, judicial, socio-economic and cultural steps to be taken in its bid to end terrorism and strengthen social cohesion. Moreover, the law will give the government the authority to assign any individual, group or institution both from Turkey and abroad to maintain contact and engage in dialogue with any individual, group or institution to carry out the process.

Parliamentary commissions will also continue to work this week. On Monday, the Budget and Planning Commission will convene and is expected to continue work on a new 106-article legislation package, including amendments to improve the rights of miners. On Tuesday, the Agriculture and Forestry commission will convene and discuss a new law on improving the oil sector.

The Turkish Parliament is expected to ratify the bills on its agenda before July 25 when the Parliament is scheduled to take its summer recess.

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