Erdoğan takes a step forward with media strategies

Published 18.07.2014 00:00
Updated 18.07.2014 12:04
Erdoğan takes a step forward with media strategies

Turkish Prime Minister and Justice and Development Party (AK Party) presidential candidate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan set a precedent ahead of the first-ever presidential election by popular vote with his electoral campaign that uses social media, public relation activities and promotion techniques effectively.

Yesterday, a website was set up for Erdoğan's candidacy. The website, www., contains detailed information on Erdoğan's biography and a documentary, his electoral rally schedule and news about the presidential election. Erdoğan's presidential vision document titled "On the Way to the New Turkey" is also available on the website. The 84-page vision document has three headings: Democratic Administration, Public Prosperity and Leadership.

Projects that have been put into practice during Erdoğan's term in office and the massive infrastructure projects that Erdoğan pledges to carry out when he takes the presidential seat are presented on the website. Citizens can be volunteers for Erdoğan's election campaign by applying through the website. "The biggest factor that moves Erdoğan ahead of other candidates on Aug. 10 will be the efforts of those who run the electoral campaign," reads the website to encourage volunteers.

Guests can also donate money for Erdoğan's bank account, opened for the electoral campaign, through the website and obtain the required information for donation. Another website, www. milletinadamı.com (or "man of the nation" in Turkish), was also created for Erdoğan's campaign.

Compared to, this website is based on information regarding the presidential election, Supreme Election Board (YSK) decisions, Erdoğan's campaign songs, Erdoğan's presidential campaign ads and communication strategies and corporate identity for the presidential election.
Since the AK Party announced Erdoğan's candidacy, an effective election campaign has been carried out to reach out to citizens. Speaking to Daily Sabah, Arter Agency head Erol Olçak noted that there is a professional team behind Erdoğan's campaign, which focuses on the design of the campaign and a strategy team composed of eight volunteers who come up with ideas and strategies.

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