Efforts to weed out Gülenists from TİB continues

Published 22.03.2015 00:00
Updated 23.03.2015 10:44

Forty-five experts and assistant experts have been removed from their posts at the Presidency of Telecommunications (TİB) after they were found to have links with the Gülen Movement, which allegedly orchestrated the December 17 and December 25 operations in an attempt to overthrow the government.

Members of the Gülen Movement have been accused of exploiting their authority in key government institutions to conduct illegal activities, one of which was wiretapping hundreds of figures using their access at the TİB. They face charges of wiretapping hundreds of people, including high level government officials, using the institution as a base to conduct the offense.

Forty-five experts and assistant experts have been removed from duty for being affiliated with the Gülen Movement. They were temporarily appointed to the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) Diyarbakır and Erzurum regional directorates. Following the operations that members of the movement allegedly conducted to oust the elected government, the inspectors determined that 90 percent of the institution consisted of members of the Gülen Movement. Since then, work has been launched to weed out those thought to have links with the movement beginning from its higher ranks.

An investigation was launched into the head of chambers at the TİB for various charges members were allegedly involved in and were removed from their duty. It has been discovered that the efforts to clear the body of members of the Gülen Movement will continue in its lower ranks. Precautions have been taken against possible target at the institution who has thus far failed to be identified. Cross controls are being done to speed up the detections.

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