AFAD: Turkey to remain a helping hand for Yemenis

Published 08.06.2015 01:05

Since the beginning of the crisis in Yemen, Turkey has been lending a helping hand to people in this country and carries out coordinated work with the government in Djibouti to establish a refugee camp, as the president of the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD), Fuat Oktay, and Turkey's Djibouti envoy, Hasan Yavuz, said.

In a meeting held in Istanbul to discuss the current activities of humanitarian aid for Yemen, many civil society organizations came together with AFAD on Sunday. While Turkey's humanitarian aid until now were talked about, the present situation in Yemen was also tackled by the participants.

Indicating that Turkey has been with the people of Yemen since the beginning of the crisis, Oktay said: "AFAD has provided 2,400s package of humanitarian aid through Djibouti. We are carrying out humanitarian aid work both for people in Yemen and those who came from Yemen to Djibouti. We have provided around 7 tons of medical aid as well."

Stressing the importance of maintaining humanitarian aid for Yemens in Djibouti, Oktay said the government in Djibouti demanded a renovation to the refugee camps. "There is a demand for establishing a new camp. We have a remarkable level of accumulation of knowledge and operational power. We want to use these to serve the people there as well. Many organizations just talk, but Turkey keeps its word when it makes a promise," he said.

Explaining that people strive to escape the chaos in Yemen, going to the closest country, 10 percent of Djibouti's population is Yemen, Yavuz said. "There is a flow of around 6,000 refugees coming from Yemen to Djibouti. Each day around 50 to 800 people are fleeing to Djibouti by sea, where they find safe and friendly, renting vessels and boats in primitive conditions in order to save their lives."

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