Ankara Bar urges association chief Feyzioğlu to resign amid biased remarks

Published 11.06.2015 23:27

The Ankara Bar has recently called Metin Feyzioğlu, the president of the Union of the Turkish Bar Associations (TBB), to submit his resignation on the premise that he cannot represent 87,000 lawyers independently and objectively. The reaction of the Ankara Bar came as a result of Feyzioğlu's recent statements where he said that Republican People's Party (CHP) was unsuccessful in the election and called for an extraordinary meeting.

Following the newly-held general elections, Feyzioğlu commented on the CHP's results and said "the only solution for the CHP is to hold a meeting for a vote of confidence and then negotiate for a coalition with assuring personnel."

The statement of the Ankara Bar highlighted that Feyzioğlu commented on the recent election via social media. In this regard, the Ankara Bar made a statement saying: "President Feyzioğlu expressed his opinion on the parliamentary elections regarding his former political party and called for an extraordinary meeting, while his duty is to focus on democratic processes, justice, election safety and election laws. The president's respondents are obviously not his colleagues or the bars. However, his call directed at his former party suggests that from now on, he cannot represent 87,000 lawyers independently and objectively. We believe that his professional and political sense of morality will not allow him to overshadow both our occupation and the TBB. Thus, we expect him to do what is necessary. We wish Mr. Feyzioğlu success in his political endeavors which he clearly has both in his mind and heart."

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