CHP claims 4 percent of supporters voted for HDP

Published 16.06.2015 21:53

The main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) at their party assembly meeting on Monday discussed the reasons behind why some it its supporters voted for the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP). The CHP held its party assembly on Monday to evaluate the results of the elections and discuss possible coalition formulas. Also on the discussion table is the CHP's poor election performance and the reason behind why the party lost some its voters to the HDP. According to sources within the CHP, some members of the party assembly claimed that 4 percent of CHP supporters shifted to the HDP due to their election promises as well as strategic voting to ensure the HDP passed the 10 percent election threshold.

Even though there are no publicly announced survey results that support the electoral realignment between the CHP and the HDP, a survey conducted by İpsos Research Center following the announcement of the election results show that 10 percent of the total CHP votes can be defined as custodial votes. According to those who participated in the survey, 10 percent of those who voted for the CHP in the elections, when asked whether their votes were custodial answered affirmatively. In the same study, 5 percent of those who voted for the CHP said that they decided which party they would vote for just before the polls, and again, 11 percent of CHP voters indicated that in the event of snap elections they would vote for a different party.

According to the preliminary election results, the CHP, whose target was to gain 35 percent of the vote in the June 7 general elections, won 24.96 percent, down from the 25.98 percent of the vote that it received in the 2011 elections. Meanwhile, the HDP passed the threshold and received 13.12 percent of the vote.

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