Collective fight against terrorism to be emphasized in G20 final declaration

Published 15.11.2015 21:16

As the leaders of the 20 most powerful world economies gathered in Antalya for the G20 Summit, the final declaration of the summit is expected to emphasize the collective fight against terrorism.

The deadly attacks in Paris that left at least 127 people dead on Friday night made terrorism a key theme on the agenda at the G20 Summit in Antalya. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Saturday night that with these attacks on Paris, "the agenda is now very different." Accordingly the collective fight against terrorism is expected to be emphasized in the final declaration of the G20 Leaders Summit, which is the annual gathering of presidents and prime ministers from the world's largest 20 economies.

Diplomatic sources from various countries who spoke to Daily Sabah said terrorism became the major topic in the bilateral meetings and so the summit is likely to conclude on a special note regarding the matter. "The fight against terrorism was already on the agenda of the summit, but the Paris attacks increased the importance of the topic. The collective fight against terrorism will be stressed in the final declaration of the summit," a high level source from the Foreign Ministry said. Sources also added that the details of international cooperation in the fight against terrorism will be underlined in the text.

In addition to terrorism, the final declaration of the G20 Summit is also expected to reflect the refugee issue. According to diplomatic sources, at least one paragraph of the Antalya communiqué will be devoted to the refugee issue and the G20's approach to regulating the situation with the technical and financial assistance to tackle the refugee crisis also expected to be mentioned in the document.On Saturday, G20 groups, including the Business 20, Civil Society 20, Labor 20, think tanks and academia (T20), Women 20, issued a joint statement over concerns about the refugee issue. The statement urged G20 leaders to go beyond humanitarian assistance and give medium- to long-term economic support to refugees and the nations that host them. The groups said the G20 leaders should resettle refugees, support international institutions on job creation for them, increase funding for their needs and for social protection programs in host countries and invest in basic social services, including education and health.

Prior to the summit, G20 host President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the Antalya declaration will have concrete decisions and the final declaration will be cited at future G20 summits. "I believe that the final declaration of the Antalya summit will be the fullest and the next G20 summits will cite this document plenty. The final declaration will draw a road map for future summits and they will cite it like ‘according to the decision that was taken at the Antalya summit' or ‘As it was defined at the Antalya summit,' " he said.

Meanwhile, the primary focus of Turkey's G20 presidency is to take collective steps to boost economic growth. Turkey's priorities were formulated as the three I's: Inclusiveness, implementation, and investment for Growth.

At last year's G20 summit in Brisbane, Australian G20 leaders published an ad hoc declaration on the Ebola epidemic.

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