First AK Party assembly group meeting on Sunday

Published 19.11.2015 22:39

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) will hold its first group meeting on Nov. 22 for the 26th term of Parliament.

AK Party group members will hold a closed session on the election of Parliament speaker. During the session, AK Party executive board members in Parliament, the discipline committee, supervisors and the group deputy chairman will also be elected. As the consultative committee of Parliament will organize the first meeting on Sunday, the members of the Parliament executive board and number of committee members will be identified during the meeting. The election of Parliament speaker will also be held on the same day, which will be followed by determining the date for forming the government.

Furthermore, the AK Party group will suggest electing the Parliament speaker on Nov. 22, the reading of the state program on Nov. 23 during the general assembly, conducting meetings defined by program on Nov. 26 and holding the vote of confidence for the new government on Nov. 28.

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