Turkish parliament to discuss new judicial package this week

Published 27.06.2016 22:07

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Group Deputy Chairman Bülent Turan, explaining that citizens will be able to know the time their lawsuits end with a new judicial reform package to be discussed this week in Parliament, said on Sunday: "We will have this new regulation approved by Parliament, which will ensure Turkey attains a much more efficient judicial system."

Highlighting that one of the most important reforms is to set up a system of inspection for judges and prosecutors, Turan said that the Supreme Court will be able to grade the performances of judges and prosecutors and that they would come more prepared to trials as well as follow judicial developments more closely.

He said that the Republican People's Party (CHP) is against the Parliament Justice Commission's approval of the package. "They will probably try to obstruct the bill from becoming law. But no matter what happens, we will have this new package approved by the Assembly," he said.

In Parliament, the State Council Law, which has 36 articles, and the Law Draft Concerning Amendments to Some Laws will be discussed in two parts. According to the draft, the number of State Council chambers will be decreased from 17 to 10 in three years at the latest. The members of the State Council will be elected for 12-year terms, and a person will not have the right to be elected twice. The membership of the current State Council members will end once the bill becomes a law and goes into force, excluding the memberships of the Council of State president, chief prosecutor and deputy chairman. The total amount of staff on the State Council will be 116 by the time the regulation comes into force, with one member elected for each two leaving, until the number drops to 90. Supreme Court members' memberships will come to an end at the date the bill becomes law and goes into force while the memberships of the first president of the Court of Cassation, the chief prosecutor of the Republic, the deputy chairman of the Prosecutor of the Republic and the deputy chief of the Public Prosecutor will still be valid.

With the new regulation, the managing body and the authorization partnership interest administration will be assigned to trustees in companies that already have trustees appointed. Parliament will be working on Friday, July 1, and then will continue on Tuesday, July 12, after going on Ramadan recess.

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