AK Party to accelerate reform process in July

Published 24.06.2017 20:28

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) looks set to speed up a reshuffling process within the party after the Ramadan holiday, party sources said. According to AK Party sources, the reorganization is likely to continue until the end of 2017 as the party will reassess all local party administrations, municipalities and party members in a bid to bring new dynamism to the whole organization.

After President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was re-elected as chairman of the AK Party following a 3-year absence the whole administration has focused on revitalizing the organization.

Erdoğan himself criticized the party and its local administrations in the run-up to the April 16 referendum where "yes" votes stood at only 51 percent, much lower than expected.

Earlier, Erdoğan's election as the president had shifted attention away from the party, leading to tiredness within the whole organization, claimed party sources. Many figures within the party now know that there is no excuse for the AK party to not dwell on the problems and sort them out.

Party sources noted that a low-profile campaign for the 2019 elections will also be kicked off after the Ramadan holiday. All ministries and bureaucrats will also be assessed down the road as well.

Despite earlier claims that Erdoğan would begin his AK Party tenure with major changes to the cabinet, any reshuffle was yet to take place. The reason behind the delay, sources claimed, was that the president has asked ministers to prepare a six-month report on their performance, and based on which Erdoğan is likely to make final decisions. Meanwhile, an increased representation by female politicians was also expected in its ranks in the new term, as the AK Party's women's wing plans to "reach out to various groups" to understand the reason behind an "inability to convey the party's messages."

Lack of young figures within the party was also slammed and young politicians are likely to become more visible in the party's local administrations as the reorganization is expected to bring new dynamism to the AK Party.

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