FETÖ suspect's namesake to sue CHP's Tezcan for mixing names

Published 27.08.2017 21:35

A tradesman named Adil Öksüz living in western Turkey said that he will sue Republican People's Party (CHP) Vice Chairman Bülent Tezcan for confusing him with a prominent fugitive member of the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) Adil Öksüz and violating his rights.

Adil Öksüz, who is living in western Manisa province's Salihli district, said that wrongful accusations were made, and added that he and his sister were put on the spot by Tezcan's statement.

"I will file a complaint against Tezcan," he said.

Talking to a Turkish media outlet on Aug. 26, the CHP vice chairman mistakenly said that Adil Öksüz flew two times, on July 18, 2016, and July 31, 2016, after the July 15 coup attempt and criticized the government of being unaware of his flights. Tezcan proceeded to show media outlets pictures of the tradesman Öksüz's flight tickets.

Öksüz said he was investigated by National Intelligence Organization (MİT), the public prosecutor's office and the gendarmerie upon Tezcan's false claim.

"He victimized me and my sister with his statement," he said, adding that he flew by plane to Ankara, Istanbul, İzmir and Elazığ provinces for personal reasons.

Stressing that his right of personal freedom was violated following Tezcan's statement, Öksüz said, "I don't approve of the fact that my flight tickets were published on journals, I will take legal action against the deputy and the newspaper."

He added that a citizen's private life cannot and should not be used as an instrument for political gains. He also said that it is not the deputy's business to intervene in national security affairs.

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