MHP's Bahçeli calls for swift adoption of adjustment laws

Published 04.09.2017 23:06

As Parliament prepares to convene on Oct. 1 to discuss adjustment laws regarding the presidential system, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli reiterated his party's support for the process and urged swift adoption.

Delivering a speech to party members on Sept. 2, Bahçeli said, "Parliament should adopt the adjustment laws as soon as possible in order to render the presidential system stable, permanent and effective in governing Turkey and allow it to solve social, political and economic problems as of Oct. 1."

He added that that the MHP will do its part in the enactment process.

Parliament will gather after a summer recess on Oct. 1. It will be working on adopting the adjustment laws, as harmonization for the new presidential system is required following the approval of the April 16 referendum.

The adjustment laws will mainly be concerned with the political parties' laws, local administrations law and deputy laws. It has been reported that at least 80 adjustment laws will be up for discussion.

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has reportedly finalized the details of the amendments, of which the clauses in the election and party laws were expected to be a matter of great debate among parties.

It was also reported that there was an ongoing negotiation between the AK Party and the MHP regarding the election threshold.

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