MHP leader says US move on three PKK terrorists deceptive

Published 10.11.2018 00:00

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli said on Thursday that the U.S.' offering a bounty for three high-ranking executives of the PKK was a deceptive move to cover up its support for the group's Syrian branch.

"It is the U.S. that knows the addresses and coordinates of these three terrorists. If they want, they will find them very easily," Bahçeli wrote in a tweet, referring to Washington offering up to $12 million in reward for 3 senior PKK terrorists: Murat Karayılan, Doğan Kalkan and Cemil Bayık.

"Along our southern borders if they think they would found so-called Kurdistan [Greater Israel], Turkey and the Turkish nation will never ratify and give permission to this infidelity," Bahçeli continued.

Stressing that to accomplish its strategic purposes, the U.S. sometimes squares the circle to become the global arbitrator, the global ruler and even the global emperor, Bahçeli added that to manage the instability that has inflamed conflicts to grind disputes and then deaden them, the U.S. directs the conflict and the field with all means and ability.

The U.S. Department of State's Rewards for Justice Program has authorized up to $12 million in rewards for information leading to the identification or location of the three senior members of the PKK terrorist group, according to a statement made on Tuesday by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer.

Bahçeli underscored that relations between Turkey and the U.S. have fluctuated since the San Francisco Conference conducted in 1945, while he emphasized that the relationship between Turkey and U.S. is characterized as an alliance.

However, he claimed that in reality the problems are never moderated, as Turkey is always disappointed because of the deep belief that Turkey and U.S. are friends in strategic and model partnerships.

"After that, the important thing is how the United States establishes its relationships with Turkey. We will follow this in a stable manner. They put a price on the head of PKK members. Nevertheless, the U.S. is conversant with the addresses and coordinates of these three terrorists. If they want to find them, they will find them easily. The purpose of the U.S. is different, the scenario is different. A new acrobatics game is on stage. As they see it, they will get the YPG [People's Protection Units] to tag the PKK. They know very well that the PKK is the YPG. Even the PKK is [Gülenist Terror Group] FETÖ and FETÖ is the YPG. Let the U.S. put a price on the heads of PKK members, but it doesn't cast off our fight against terrorism," Bahçeli explained.

Meanwhile, as U.S. Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey said Wednesday, the U.S. does not recognize the PKK's Syrian affiliate, the YPG, as a terrorist organization.

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