Turkish military completes plans for northern Syria safe zone

Published 23.01.2019 01:09

The Turkish military has completed the initial plans to establish a safe zone in Northern Syria.

The planning, done at the military headquarters in Ankara, reportedly focused on issues like how many troops would be deployed where, what kind of equipment will be deployed, including armored vehicles that will enable communication between the troops, as well as the deployment locations of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

It was also reported that the military is initially planning to go some 15 kilometers into Syrian territory while ramping up preparations for an operation that would see troops move as far as 32 kilometers, if necessary. In the early stages of the operation, it is estimated that four units will be deployed to the east of Euphrates.

To ensure its national security, Turkey aims to establish a safe zone, guarded by the Turkish military, along with its entire border with Syria, rather than enforcing a no-fly zone with no military presence.

The Turkish military is capable of establishing the safe zone, thanks particularly to its self-propelled howitzers; the Fırtına [Storm] has the ability to hit targets as far away as 40 kilometers. The military also reportedly worked on where to position these howitzers to ensure their 40-kilometer shooting range.

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