NGO distributes blankets to refugee camps in Idlib damaged by floods

Published 25.01.2019 00:07

The Istanbul-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İHH) handed out blankets for families living in border refugee camps in northern Syria's Idlib, where tents are flooded due to the heavy rainfall.

"Heavy rainfall in the camps since October has negatively affected the life in the camps. Lots of tents become unusable, and even the roads in tent cities were destroyed. Some 3,000 blankets were distributed to 1,000 families in Atme, Al-Kerame and Qah camps," İHH said in a written statement issued yesterday.The statement added that food and tent aid will also continue to be distributed and the humanitarian assistance efforts will be increased in line with the camp's needs.

Since Dec. 22, at least 22 refugee camps were flooded, and 67 others were badly affected by heavy rains in the Atmeh camps region, according to data collected by the Syria Intervention Coordinators, a local nongovernme

ntal organization (NGO) devoted to helping civilians.

At least 220 tents were destroyed, and 550 tents were flooded. No casualties were reported as a result of the flooding, but livestock reportedly perished.

In September, the İHH also sent over 20 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid to northwestern Syria's Idlib.

In 2018, İHH distributed 270 million loaves of bread to families in need and numerous winter clothes, in efforts to lend a helping hand to Syrian refugees. Previously, the organization, along with another NGO, Fetih-Der, provided 80 families that could not find shelter following the floods with tents.

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