Clashes between different groups in Syrian military grows

Published 02.02.2019 00:25

Clashes between different groups within the Bashar Assad regime's military have intensified over the last two weeks, claiming the lives of more than 100 people.

According to media reports Friday, conflicts between two different divisions of the regime's armed forces, the Republican Guard and the Tiger forces, have escalated over the last 10 days in rural areas of northwestern Hama province.

Speaking to the Turkish daily, Yeni Şafak, Abu Nidal, a regime deputy said that last month 170 people were killed in the intra-military conflicts in the city center of Damascus and Aahl al-Ghab.

Pointing out that Syria entered a new era in 2018, Nidal said intra-military conflicts have been occurring in Damascus, the southern city of Daraa, and Syria's eastern Deir el-Zour province for a year now.

The conflict in Syria that started in 2011 has killed hundreds of thousands of people and forced more than 5 million to flee, while more than 7 million have been internally displaced.

Refugees mainly took shelter in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, with Turkey hosting the largest number. Some have sought to reach Europe via the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, but hundreds have died en route to Greece and other littoral countries.

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