YPG continues to undermine diplomatic efforts, violating Turkey's deals with US, Russia

Published 10.11.2019 18:11

The diplomatic efforts by the international community to bring peace to Syria are undermined by the PKK's Syrian affiliate, the People's Protection Units (YPG) as they continue attacks, violating deals reached with Russia and the U.S. which promised the terrorist group's withdrawal from northern Syria.

"While the Turkish Armed Forces shows full compliance to the existing agreement for the facilitation of the Peace Corridor, YPG terrorists continue their transgression in the area of Operation Peace Spring, carrying out 16 rocket and mortar attacks in the last 24 hours," the Turkish Defense Ministry said on Twitter.

As the ministry released its statement, yet another attack by the terrorist group took place in the recently liberated province of Tal Abyad in northern Syria, killing nine and injuring 30 others. The bombing in Tal Abyad's Suluk town, which is one of the largest settlement areas of the region, caused massive harm to civilians and damaged buildings, rescue efforts were still continuing.

Tal Abyad was cleared of terrorists as part of Operation Peace Spring on Oct. 13. Since then, locals have gradually returned with humanitarian aid being provided with the help of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and the Turkish Red Crescent.

The Defense Ministry also said that 331 mines and 891 homemade explosives that were placed by the YPG have been neutralized. According to the ministry, the mines and explosives were placed in civilian settlements and strategic infrastructure points, adding that there are still thousands of them, despite the Turkish military's clearing efforts.

The Turkish military continues to confront the YPG and defend the national security of the country. On Saturday, Turkish jets hit strategic targets of Daesh and YPG terror groups in northwestern Syria's Azaz.

Last week, the terrorist group killed 13 civilians and injured 20 others in an attack carried out at a market in Tal Abyad.

While YPG attacks indiscriminately target Arabs, Kurds, civilians, children and people who returned to their hometowns, Western media remains silent about it.

Meanwhile, despite the attacks, life in the liberated areas rapidly returned to normal thanks to Turkey's efforts to revive the region, from infrastructure to providing for immediate needs for locals.

Yesterday, Turkey restored an Armenian Orthodox Church that was used by the YPG as a military base in Tal Abyad and re-opened it for worship. The Defense Ministry announced that the first church service since the terrorist group's occupation took place yesterday during which Armenians prayed freely in the church.

Um İlyas, one of the members of the Armenian community in Tal Abyad expressed happiness over the re-opening of the church.

"It's been a long while since we came here and conducted a service. Thanks to Turkey, we came here freely and worshiped. Now, everyone here lives happily in peace," he said. Fourth-grade student Maria Kadmus also expressed gratitude for those who enabled the church to be opened to worship once again.

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