Sphere of influence

Published 29.08.2016 01:24

Social media is one of the chief methods to spread information and news, if it is not already the most paramount. Daily Sabah has been fairly active on Twitter and Facebook from the start and has been paying special attention to Youtube lately to share more news on the visual side. It also seems that Twitter has been Daily Sabah's main platform of influence, as the numbers of followers, shares and re-tweets continue to trickle in.

Last July was one of the most significant months Turkey has had to go through, especially in recent history. The failed coup attempt and its aftermath continuously dominated the airways and newspapers, as the country recovered from the putschist attempt. Also, as we have mentioned a fair bit before on Reader's Corner, international media has been acting less than objectively when it comes to facts, ranging from outright bias to willful ignorance. It is important in such times not only to report with facts and journalistic principles, but also make sure that those reports actually reach their prospective readers.

When we look at the numbers on our Twitter account from July 2016, we are left with several promising conclusions. Throughout July, the Daily Sabah Twitter account sent 1803 tweets and garnered 5,969 mentions. Total profile visits amounted to 450,000, while the account itself managed to gather 12,000 followers over the month. There were also nearly 16,500 tweets on Twitter linking to our account from various others. And finally our tweets' impressions were an impressive 17.1 million.

As for the Daily Sabah's Facebook account, it seems we had the biggest growth ratio of 2.4 percent among newspapers as the total page likes were 516,300 at the end of the month. I would like to thank our web team for providing me these numbers.

In this age, we no longer lack the sources that inform us about the world, yet the challenge lies with media companies as they try to make their voice heard through a cacophony of social media. As the sister accounts of Daily Sabah are up and running, catering to different venues and languages, our hope is that these numbers will continue to grow in the upcoming months thanks to the efforts of our colleagues.

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