Ballot box effect on Daily Sabah

Published 08.05.2017 00:13 Modified 08.05.2017 00:13

In the past month, the frequency of the Reader's Corner among the Daily Sabah pages was perhaps the least in its history with only three issues due to the heavy load of pre-referendum news as well as its aftermath. However, this does not present a challenge for the monthly review of our top 10 most read list in Daily Sabah as they were noted down regardless of whether they were published in the Reader's Corner. Also news articles, columns and opinion pieces on the list for the April 3 issue are not included as they were taken into consideration last month since most of that week was in March. Without further ado let's get right in.

As in March, "Politics" held on to first place, which it is not surprising considering that referendum news articles had a huge presence in Daily Sabah. Of the 17 news articles, only two were without a sub-category. The chief amongst the rest of the articles was "Diplomacy" with six news articles, followed closely by "Elections" with five entries, its highest to date. "War on Terror" comes next with three news articles and "EU Affairs" wraps up the "Politics" category with a single contribution.

Coming up next is the "Turkey" category as it moved from fourth place last month to second with eight articles. Five were listed under "Turkey" only and therefore are without a sub-category. Two news articles came under "Istanbul," while "Expat Corner" made a welcome appearance with a single entry. Just like last month, "World" occupies third place thanks to its four articles, all of which possess a different sub-category: "Asia Pacific," "Islamophobia," "Europe" and "Mid-East."

Fourth place is a shared by "Business" and "Life," with three news articles a piece. For "Life" this meant business as usual, since it had the same place and same number of articles as last month. Also, all three were without a sub-category, making this month the only one recently without a "History" sub category. All three "Business" articles had a sub category, however, with two of them belonging to "Tourism," while the remaining one was listed under "Economy."

Fifth place is by far the most crowded it has been for a longtime with four different categories with the same number of entries. It also made this month quite varied, which is always a welcome sight. The first of the four is "Sports" and its sub-category "Football" with a single article. The next is "Arts," and while it is a frequent sight in these articles the sub-category "Portrait" is a relatively new one. Another infrequent appearance was made by a single "Editorial" article, as our readers were interested in the referendum results that the Editorial Board addressed. Finally, the single "Columns" belong to İbrahim Kalın, once again proving to be popular with our readers with his steady appearance in every month's top ten lists.

It is clear that in April 2017, reader tendencies largely resulted from the referendum, which is no surprise considering the country's agenda was largely influenced by it, not to mention the interest of foreign readers in this monumental turning point. This month's variety of less mentioned categories and sub-categories is another point to consider as it allows us to speculate that despite the singular focus of the ballot-box, other aspects of the newspaper were not swept aside.

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