Stable preferences but changing priorities

Published 28.05.2017 22:11 Modified 28.05.2017 22:11

With May 2017 behind us, a quick look at Daily Sabah's Most Read list makes a couple of categories immediately evident. But first, allow me to quickly introduce what we're dealing with.

At the end of every month, we analyze categories and subcategories of news articles, columns, and opinion pieces to get a better sense of reader tendencies. Therefore, let's not tarry, and get right to it.

Just like the past two months, "Politics" continued to dominate the Most Read list with 16 news articles, just one short of last month's number.

However, with the referendum and its aftermath coming to an end, that subcategory apparently vanished this time around.

"Diplomacy" was the chief subcategory thanks to its nine news articles, and not surprising considering recent diplomatic incidents. "War on Terror" comes next with three articles, while the remaining three were not in any subcategory.

Moving on to second place, we see "Turkey" continuing to hold its position from last month, but this time shared with "World." Both categories have six news articles each, but two filed under "Turkey" are without a subcategory.

"Istanbul" is featured two times, while "Education" and "Investigations" have one article apiece to their names.

In the "World" category, "Americas" and "Europe" both have two entries, while "Syrian Crisis" and "Mideast" made the lists once.

Next up is "Life," stepping up from last month's ratings with four news articles. Two entries in the "History" subcategory are slowly becoming a permanent presence, as archaeology articles seem to be preferred by our readers. The "Science" and "Travel" subcategories are also present with a single entry each.

Fourth place is shared by "Business" and "Columns" thanks to their three entries apiece. Subcategories in "Business" are evenly distributed between "Tech," "Defense" and "Tourism" with each having one news article. "Columns," on the other hand, have two entries by Ragıp Soylu and one article by Merve Şebnem Oruç. I extend my congratulations to both.

Coming up next is the "Arts" section, which makes a rare appearance this month, with two news articles. One is without a subcategory, while the other is listed under "Cinema."

And last but not least, we have "Sports." Its single news article is listed naturally under "Basketball," given the EuroLeague Final Four. Readers flocked to the site in huge numbers, as they wanted to read about the latest EuroLeague champions, Fenerbahçe.

This month, we saw a nice spread of categories and subcategories. The flux of rankings every month shows that despite the tendencies of our readers largely remaining the same, individual stories and events can certainly have an impact on their preferences.

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