Lack of diversity in September

Published 02.10.2017 00:00

As the cooling weather of September's last days firmly reminded us that winter is coming, it is time for us to look at the weekly lists of the most read news articles of the past month. Compared to most of summer, September had a lower number of articles to draw results from as we only had four weeks' worth of top 10 lists. Nevertheless, let's make them count and find out what caught the readers eye.

Despite the lower number of total articles entering the fray, "Politics" managed to increase its contribution to the top 10 lists with 17 entries compared to last month's 15. This once again puts them in the lead. When it comes to sub-categories, "Diplomacy" has outdone itself this month with a staggering 14 news articles to its name. The only other sub-category represented in September was "EU Affairs" with a single article, while the remaining two entries were listed under "Politics."

Second place is once again occupied by "World" and it certainly seems to be the new trend as it has remained firm for the last three months. It had 11 news articles listed under its name - only one of them was without a sub-category.

"Mideast" and "Asia Pacific" each had three entries making them share the first place of their category while "Europe" came in second with two articles.

"Syrian Crisis" and "Americas" both had a single article a piece; making this category the most evenly balanced one in terms of sub-categories for quite some time.

Coming third is the "Life" category and it shows us that it is here to stay. Last month the category surprised us when it jumped from fifth to third place for the first time, but now it is clear that increase in popularity is sustainable. "Life" had five entries this September and only one of them was not listed under a sub-category.

"History" is in the lead as always with its two news articles while "Feature" and "Health" managed to get one article apiece onto the list.

"Turkey" is in fourth place this month with a total of four news articles to its name. Its sub-categories "Istanbul" and "Investigations" both have a single entry each. The other two entries were listed directly under the main category, "Turkey."

"Business" was next with three entries. The overall placement of the category has remained the same compared to last month when "Life" and "Turkey" shared third place. This month, the category has three news articles and two of them are only listed under "Business." Only one entry with a sub-category belonged to "Economy.

When it comes to the total number of categories to make the lists, September was one of the least diverse months this year. "Diplomacy" in "Politics" has become the most popular sub-category in the past few months. On the other hand, the placement of "Life" shows that its popularity last month was not a onetime thing. Meanwhile, "World" is enjoying one of its most diverse and balanced spreads when it comes to its sub-categories. This plays a nice contrast to the lack diversity in the categories. Hopefully in the following months more of them will make their way to Daily Sabah's most read lists.

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