Sports and Opinion pieces enjoy successful May

Published 11.06.2018 00:00

Although it is a week late due to the increased word count of previous Reader's Corner article, it is once again time to take a look at the scorecard of Daily Sabah's news articles and their categories to get a glimpse into our reader's interests and how it changes from month to month. The month of May had a few surprises with its distribution of its categories while the upcoming elections also made its presence known in the Reader's Corner weekly top 10 lists.

Here they are:

Politics continues to hold on to both its placement and number of entries in the lists from April. This means that the 14 news articles from the Politics category allow a more diversified outlook in May's weekly charts. Similarly, the Diplomacy subcategory also carried its leadership to this month with a total of eight entries. On the other hand, Elections had three news articles to its name while EU Affairs had one. The remaining two entries were only listed under Politics.

Coming in a close second, the Turkey category had 12 entries, an improvement in both placement and number of articles compared to previous month. While seven of those did not belong to any subcategory, Education, Investigations and Expat Corner each had a single entry. Istanbul on the other hand, had two.

Next up is Business and it made a good showing thanks to its eight news articles. Similar to Turkey its spread of subcategories was certainly varied as Tourism, Finance and Energy each managed a single entry. While two news articles were not listed under any subcategory, the remaining three belonged to Defense.

One of the biggest surprises this month was the increased attention the Sports category received as six of its news articles managed to enter the top 10 lists. And all six of them were listed under Football.

Sharing the fourth spot with Sports, the World category also had six entries to its name. While Middle East was the leading subcategory here due to three articles, it was closely followed by Islamophobia with two entries and Asia Pacific with a single news article.

The next category was another welcome surprise as the Op-Ed category made an impressive return with its three pieces entering the lists, perhaps the greatest showing since we started these monthly breakdowns.

The final article of May belonged to the Life category, listed under the Feature subcategory.

This was a month of surprises with the Sports and Op-Ed categories receiving a lot of attention from our readers. The wide variety of subcategories in the top three categories was also a good indicator as it shows the newspaper's ability to draw readers with varied interests. Hopefully the new additions will make the June lists while the existing ones maintain their presence.

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