Local news and sports charge ahead

Published 13.08.2018 00:00

With August already underway with a rocky start, it is time for the monthly breakdown of Daily Sabah's most-read content as we collect the top 10 lists published every month on this Reader's Corner page. Although we had a two-week hiatus in July and could not publish top 10 lists, they are included all the same.

July was a refreshing month with new content and subjects gaining a spotlight. After a long time, first place changed hands. It might be temporary, however, considering the diplomatic crisis currently dominating this month. On the other hand, economy might be at the forefront. We will see in couple of weeks, regardless. Without further ado, let's get right to it.

Local stories were at the head of readers' interest in July as the "Turkey" category wrenched leadership from "Politics" after many months thanks to its nine news articles. Two of them were listed as "İstanbul" news, while another two were in the "Investigations" subcategory. The remaining five, however, were only listed under "Turkey" without any further clarifications.

Although sliding down to second place, "Politics" remains one of the major subjects our reader base is gravitating towards as shown by its eight news articles managing to enter the list of 40. While four of those were without a subcategory, "Diplomacy" had three news articles, perhaps heralding the current crisis. The remaining news article belonged to the "War on Terror" subcategory.

Sharing second place, we have stories from abroad. The "World" category's eight news articles had a subcategory with "Europe" at the forefront thanks to its three entries with "Middle East" following it with two entries. The "Balkans," "Americas" and "Africa" subcategories on the other hand each had a single news article to their name in the lists.

In third place, "Sports" showed a substantial increase in the rankings last month with a total of five news articles. Considering Mesut Özil's departure from Germany's national football team along with the conclusion of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, having all those five entries under the subcategory of "Football" should come as no surprise.

Fourth place was shared by two categories last month. "Business" entered the monthly lists with three entries. All of those belonged to the "Defense" subcategory.

"Columns" also had three articles that managed to get into the top 10 lists in July. They were from Fahrettin Altun, İlnur Çevik and Yahya Bostan.

And finally, fifth place was also shared by two categories that increased their frequency of appearance in these lists in recent months. One of those was the "Op-Ed" category as they started to have at least one entry in the past months without fail. This one is no different in that regard.

The Reader's Corner article on the coverage of the train crash that was published past month also managed to gain sizeable reader attention. This makes the second Reader's Corner article recently to be listed on the top 10 lists.

We also did not manage to publish June's breakdown last month due to the two-week hiatus along with space issues caused by long, main articles. Hopefully, you will see that month's numbers in the end of year analysis that will be published in December.

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