Istanbul's biggest coastal town begins real estate sales

Published 30.04.2016 00:00

Keleşoğlu Holding started its new stage of sales of the Mercan Houses, part of the Deniz Istanbul Project, which features a 1.5-kilometer-long coastline. The project's residential property prices start at TL 286,000 ($101,985).

Previously designed by Keleşoğlu Holding for Ataköy Houses, a low-rise building concept will be implemented in Mercan Houses as well. Presenting the blue of the sea and the green of forestry together to families and retirees, Mercan Houses' new stage consists of apartments ranging from 1+1's to 4+1. With prices starting from TL 286,000, 1+1 apartments were designed with an area totaling 66 square meters by 75 square meters, while 2+1 apartments offer two options as 90 square meters by 44 square meters. The new stage of Mercan Homes also includes, within the framework of the investors' demands, 3+1 apartments as well as 4+1 apartments starting from 213 square meters.

1.5-kilometer-long coastline

Occupying a total of 1,200,000 square meters of land, Deniz Istanbul offers residential properties, a sports and life club, cultural and recreational areas, a school, a hospital and a shopping mall. The project also includes a cafe by the sea, restaurants, commercial units, the West Istanbul Marina and a 1.5-kilometer-long coastline.

Custom payment options

Investors will be able to own houses with installments starting from TL 2,279 per month along with an interim payment plan following the advance payment to Mercan Houses planned for delivery in the last quarter of 2017. In accordance with the custom payment options, Deniz Istanbul offers different payment options ranging from 10 years with housing loans to five years with a corporate finance system.

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