30 days and 30 nights of festivals during Ramadan

Published 06.06.2016 00:40
Updated 06.06.2016 00:41
30 days and 30 nights of festivals during Ramadan

Harem Istanbul Fest kicks off in Feshane once again today. The festival will take place every day from midday to sahur - the meal before dawn during Ramadan - until the end of the holy month.

Organizing its fourth festival in one year by bringing together young female entrepreneurs and companies, the festival will unite women once again for 30 days and 30 nights during the month of Ramadan, between June 6 and July 4 from midday until sahur time.

Istanbulites will experience the enthusiasm of the holy month of Ramadan like a festival in Feshane, which is located on the city's historical peninsula. Harem Istanbul Fest has aimed to contribute financially to hundreds of female entrepreneurs and institutions since its establishment. It continues to revive the spirit of Ramadan in a giant tent along with special activities and daily drawings.

Making another breakthrough for the fourth time since its establishment, the festival will open its gates in a giant tent in Feshane, with nearly 180 brands participating. Aiming to bring together people for both festival and holiday shopping with affordable prices on the goods on offer, the Harem Istanbul Fest will be Turkey's biggest fashion festival.

Those who wish to experience the joy of iftar - the evening meal during Ramadan - shopping and sahur time all at once, accompanied by designers which particularly cater to the conservative class, as well as see famous internet figures and bloggers come together, should head to Harem Istanbul Fest in Feshane until July 4.

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