Love of cats comes from their soothing influence and purr

Published 09.03.2018 00:00
Love of cats comes from their soothing influence and purr

When people do something they like, they feel happy and relaxed. Common features of those with pets include being calm, still and tolerant. Communication with pets can relieves tiredness, stress and all the negativities of daily life.

Caring for a house pet also involves emotional interaction. This responsibility is refreshing but requires effort to maintain. Especially for children, it is very important to be able to learn love for animals at a young age in terms of respecting, sharing and being aware of other living creatures.

Cats can be good for easing stress and some health problems. Listening to their purring makes can help maintain one's emotional balance. Studies have shown that cats' purring is a stress-reliever, and can be as effective as hobbies and social activities. It strengthens feelings like love, trust and loyalty. With their presence, cats give happiness by being close to those who feel alone.It develops relaxation and love in people. Cats' body heat also increases people's body temperature. Cats' purring can create a feeling connection since it arouses similar emotions, which in turn helps reduce stress.

Every living creature has a form of communication. For cats, these are vocalizations and of purring. When a person is alone cats are good companions.

The sound that some cats make can be soft and musical. Such sounds create can instill feelings of happiness along with increased oxygen and glucose absorption in the brain.

The relaxing effect comes from the continuous low hum. People who speak in quietly and low-pitched tone also have a calming effect just like cats.

Cats make sounds in the range of 20 hertz to 140 hertz. Vibrations in this range are also effective in the treatment of many diseases. People who own cats have a lower risk of having a heart attack and they have a healing effect on muscle injuries. Petting a cat is calming and in turn reduces stress. It is good for relieving infection and swelling in the body. Listening to a cat's purr lowers blood pressure. The frequency of purring is the most appropriate interval to benefit bone health.

Cats do not purr no matter how happy they are when they are alone. It has been proven that they only make sounds when there is someone nearby, as they use sounds as a means of communication.

According to scientists, cats developed purring to communicate with people. It has been observed by physicians that cats purr for hours when they are with people who have severe, painful illnesses and, in turn, relieve pain.

While people use painkillers and anti-depressants to get rid of pain or sorrow, cats can do it naturally.

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