Turkey's first space education center opens

Published 25.05.2019 00:31

Gökmen Space and Aviation Education Center (GUHEM), the first of its kind in Turkey, will soon open its doors to young minds fascinated by space and aviation.

The center has been built with support from the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBİTAK), the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

The foundation for the GUHEM's building was laid back in August 2017. Once finished, GUHEM will be Europe's best and one of the top five space and aviation education centers in the world.

The center will also feature mechanisms and expeditions for space and aviation education. It will be one of Turkey's top science centers with its modern architecture.

The center will have different programs for students to learn more about space and the skies. It will feature 150 interactive mechanisms, aviation education and space innovation centers as well as a vertical wind tunnel.

The first floor of the center will feature modern flight simulators. The second floor, known as the "The Space Floor," will offer information on atmospheric events, Solar System, planets and galaxies. Visitors and the students will also be able to experience weightlessness at the "Zero Gravity Zone."

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