Town famous for longevity on scientists' radar

Published 13.07.2019 00:15
An old woman living in Gölköy carries tree branches on her back.
An old woman living in Gölköy carries tree branches on her back.

The Black Sea province of Ordu's Gölköy district is home to some of Turkey's longest-living citizens. The average lifespan of locals is 82, which has intrigued scholars and scientists who want to discover the reason behind this longevity.

Scholars have set up camp in the district to observe the lifestyles of the locals as well as their diets and sleep routines. However, locals believe that the secret behind their longevity is consuming organic products such as milk, yogurt, eggs and pickles, which they produce by themselves.

Speaking to the press, Gölköy Mayor Fikri Uludağ said their district has been on the radar of the scientists from around the world for years. Apart from scientists, Uludağ explained that the longevity of the locals draws tourists who want to see how they live.

Cemal Güneş, 46, a local in Gölköy, said the ingredients of their diet are why they live longer. "We consume products we grow and make. We sometimes go to restaurants, but we mainly eat what we grow. Our elders do not even eat the food other people make," said Güneş.

Salih Akdoğan, 80, agrees with Güneş and claims that what they eat is the reason for their longevity. "Since we were children, we have made our own dairy products. We also eat a lot of vegetables that we grow ourselves," he added.

Mustafa Türkeş thinks that staying away from food with a lot of fat is key for a long life. "Also, linden is extremely good for a healthy body. Dairy products make our bones healthy. I suggest you stick to organic food as much as you can if you want to live a long life," said 85-year-old Türkeş.

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