We are both Turkish and German

Published 11.10.2011 13:52
Updated 11.10.2011 13:54

With a special bond developed between the two countries ever since the first wave of Turkish migrant workers arrived to Germany in 1961, Turkey now needs some serious help from their very old friend. Whether or not we continue on in the race to qualify for Euro 2012 is all up to the Germans.

Today is the final day of the group stage qualifying round for the 2012 European Football Championship…
Unable to secure a spot in the championship with the results received until now from games played in the group stage, Turkey's National Team will now have to wait and see what the outcome may be from tonight's Germany-Belgium face-off. Not only must Germany secure a victory or a draw, but Turkey must successfully beat tonight's rivals Azerbaijan. This evening's game, played at the TT Arena at 20:00 will not be the ultimate determinant of whether or not we place second in Group A and qualify for the play-offs. Instead our fate is left in Germany's hands, the very same Germany that we have harbored special relations with ever since our workers migrated to the nation in 1961.
If the Germans beat Belgium or even tie, the path to the play-offs will be an open road for Turkey. Therefore for today, we are both Turkish and German…

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