Beşiktaş-Galatasaray derby to break records, kicks off with a festival

Published 21.09.2013 18:59
Updated 23.09.2013 11:18

Sunday’s highly anticipated derby between hosts and league leaders Beşiktaş and reigning Super League champions Galatasaray will mark a number of firsts including a pre-game festival at the Olympic Stadium.

On Sunday night, Beşiktaş hosts Galatasaray for the highly anticipated first derby of the season, which will kick-off at seven p.m. With nearly 76,000 Beşiktaş fans expected to fill the Olympic Stadium, tomorrow night's game is set to break a number of record firsts.

Music, fun, shopping

A festival held tomorrow prior to the derby between 11:00-18:00and entitled Derbi Fest will be a first for Turkey's football history. The club's administration and amateur branches will take part in the organization, which will also include a series of performances from Beşiktaş-supporting artists. There will be stands set up selling food and gifts as well as club products.

Beşiktaş fans to break a flag record

Beşiktaş fans have also made a number of special preparations for tomorrow night's games. In addition to supporting the team for a full 90 minutes with flags and signs, Beşiktaş fans plan to unravel a 110-meter long and 55-meter wide giant flag to show their support for the current league leaders. This flag is set to break the standing record held by supporters of the Columbian team Atletico Nacional from when they waved a 600 meter-sized flag in a home game against Atletico Madrid.

Beşiktaş fans sole audience

With 76,000 Beşiktaş supporters expected to fill the Olympic Stadium tomorrow, the team hopes to break yet another record for the highest number of fans.

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