Rio opening ceremony features Gisele Bundchen 'mugging'

Published 03.08.2016 00:44
Updated 03.08.2016 00:45

The opening ceremony at the Rio Olympics will feature a shocking scene in which former supermodel Gisele Bundchen suffers an attempted mugging, then takes pity on the young thief, media reports said Monday. Details are top secret ahead of this Friday's ceremony. However, there have been widespread leaks following a dress rehearsal at Rio's Maracana stadium late Sunday, despite pleas from organizers to keep it under wraps. And there was immediate controversy after multiple reports from inside the legendary football stadium that one scene depicts Bundchen in a simulated mugging -- a crime that in real life plagues the host city. According to Folha de Sao Paulo daily, the Brazilian model struts out to "Girl from Ipanema," a classic hit song celebrating a beautiful, young woman of Rio, and is "assaulted by an actor." "The final message from the scene, however, will be peace," the report said.

One of the show's masterminds, "City of God" movie director Fernando Meirelles, angrily denied the report.

"Folha de SP says Gisele is assaulted during the opening ceremony at the Olympics. Where does Folha get this dumb idea from? They messed up badly," he tweeted.

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