Syrian regime air forces strike Daesh-held Tabqah with cluster bombs, 10 killed

Published 19.06.2016 15:14

Syrian regime warplanes targeted the Daesh-controlled town of Tabqah with cluster munitions on Sunday, killing at least 10 civilians and injuring some 35 others.

Local sources told the Anadolu Agency that the attack also resulted with a large scale material damage.

Tabqah is a key location linking Daesh-held territories located on the west of Euphrates River up to Turkish border with the terrorist group bastion Raqqah and territories further east.

Due to the devastating effects of cluster munitions on civilians in both in combat and non-combat periods, 100 states have ratified the Convention on Cluster Munitions and banned the usage of this weapon.

Prominent weapon-exporting countries like the U.S., Russia and China, major regional powers like Brazil and India, and most countries of the Middle East and Asia have not ratified the convention so far.

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