Exclusive video shows Turkish Red Crescent supplying food to Syrian civilians in Jarablus

Published 28.08.2016 23:43
Updated 29.08.2016 00:18

An exclusive video aired by Turkey's news channel TRT World showed on Sunday Turkish Red Crescent's relief activities in Syrian town of Jarablus, recently liberated from the Daesh terrorist organization by the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Ediz Tiyansan, the first foreign journalist to report live from town said that Jarablus's civilians have celebrated Daesh's defeat by the FSA and Turkish forces.

Telling about his arrival to the city, TRT World's Tiyansan said "That was one of the most emotional moments of my life. Just as we arrived into the city, the crowd had already gathered and upon seeing the Red Crescent truck, they started cheering."

The journalist also asked the locals about their experiences under Daesh rule. "It was absolute hell," he quoted locals as saying.

The locals said there was no food or supplies as Daesh constantly confiscated things from people. 'We went hungry' for some 17 months," one of the locals said.

Touching upon the Turkish Red Crescent's efforts to help locals, he said "The Red Crescent is bringing 5.000 meal portions every day. Officials told me they will continue providing aid as long as it's necessary," he added.

TRT reported that the FSA fighters are always on alert for any possible Daesh sleeper cells embedded within the civilian crowds.

Showing the main square of the town on camera, Tisanyan said that just a week ago it was used as a stage for Daesh's brutal beheadings and torture. "Locals were encouraged to watch them," he added.

Elements of the FSA backed by Turkish air and ground support encircled the Daesh-held northern Syrian town of Jarablus as part of the joint Turkey-anti Daesh coalition operation dubbed Euphrates Shield last Wednesday, and took control of the town later in the day.

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