PYD terrorists abduct Syrian Kurdish party executives

Published 17.11.2016 00:00
Updated 17.11.2016 21:13

PYD terrorists kidnapped the executives of Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) late Thursday. The ENKS is affiliated with the Kurdish Yekiti Party.

According to information from local sources, the PYD militants raided the office of the Yekiti Party in the Amish town of Kamiuni district of Haseke province for 1 hour.

Militants kidnapped six senior executives, including Deputy Secretary General Hasan Saleh.

The PKK / PYD also attacked the party's official radio headquarters, saying that it was operating "without a license," and 2 employees of the radio were released after being detained for a short while.

However, the militants had not handed out the goods they had seized during the raids.

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