Russia fails to restrain regime attacks in Syria's Homs


Over 50 civilians have been killed within the last month as a result of regime attacks on Al-Waer, a central district of Syria's Homs province, amid a seeming reluctance by Russia to enforce a months-old cease-fire of which it – along with Turkey – is a nominal guarantor.

For the last three years, Al-Waer's roughly 60,000 residents have remained subject to a crippling siege by the Assad regime.

In recent months, the regime has stepped up its attacks on the town while blocking the delivery of badly needed humanitarian aid.

According to Al-Waer's local council, 51 civilians have been killed and 320 injured within the last month alone by regime air attacks.

Over the same period, local hospitals run by civil defense personnel have been targeted at least four times.

Al-Waer residents also face enormous difficulty accessing water and electricity, with many families now living in makeshift shelters built underground.

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