American Daesh terrorist surrenders to PYD militants in Syria

Published 14.09.2017 22:28
Updated 14.09.2017 22:29

An American citizen fighting for the Daesh terrorist group surrendered to Democratic Union Party (PYD) militants in Syria on Thursday, CNN said in a report.

According to the piece, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which is predominantly led by the PKK's Syrian affiliate PYD, took him under custody.

"We have seen those same reports and the SDF as our partner has taken an oath to make sure that any fighters that they capture that they maintain them and bring them to the proper authorities. In this case the proper authorities would be the equivalent of the department of state in the country. If this was a US citizen it would be the Department of State to find out the updates on that particular person," Col. Ryan Dillon was quoted as saying in the article.

CNN also said in the piece that a State Department official told the news network the department was "aware of the reports" but said that they "have no information to share at this time."

The captured terrorist is not the only example for U.S. nationals joining Daesh. In March 2016, Jamal Khweis, another American Daesh terrorist was captured by the Peshmerga while he was leaving the territory then held by Daesh.

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