HTC introduces new 24-carat gold model One

Published 30.06.2015 19:50

Even though Apple and Samsung have introduced gold-plated phones, the Taiwanese tech giant HTC took a further step and launched a 24-carat gold HTC One on the heels of its 18-carat gold model. Many phone accessory companies produce precious stones and metals for smartphones, yet HTC is directly producing its gold-plated phones. After HTC launched an 18-carat gold HTC One in the U.K., it released a 24-carat gold HTC One in the U.S. According to digital news website Mashable, the 24-carat gold HTC One was produced as a limited edition. There are only two of them in its New York office. Apart from its gold plating, the smartphone does not have any other different features from the HTC One. The 24-carat gold HTC One is currently retailing for $2,500 and it is not known whether it will come to Turkey.

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