Voila! The smartphone that turns users' drawings into live GIFs

Published 24.08.2017 23:18
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to heat up the competition with its rivals iPhone and Huawei Mate 10, which will also be released in September.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to heat up the competition with its rivals iPhone and Huawei Mate 10, which will also be released in September.

Samsung's latest phone to be released in Turkey next month increases the convenience and joy of using a smartpen that allows users to turn their drawings into live gifs on social media programs on an infinity display, and the gigantic screen also multiplies the pleasure of watching videos

Featuring a 6.3-inch gigantic screen, an infinity display and a smart camera that is not affected by sudden movement, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 transforms drawings done with its smart pen into live GIFs to share. The device will be offered for sale in Turkey on Sept. 18 with a price tag of TL 4,999 ($1,435.71).

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with its smart S-Pen, also joined the caravan of gigantic and endless screens on smartphones. The Note 8 will be Samsung's first phone to come out after the disappointment of the Note 7.

Offered for sale two years after the Note 5, the Galaxy Note 8 has a smarter pen and camera. The 6.3-inch, giant screen has an infinity display, just like the Galaxy S8.

Samsung has not taken any risks with the production of its battery. After the Note 7 toted a battery with a thickness of 7.9 millimeters, the newest smartphone will boast one with a capacity of 3,300 milliampere hour (mAh) and a thickness of 8.6 millimeters.

The experience on the S8 is also reflected in the new Note 8 but with an 83.3 percent screen-frame ratio, a smaller body that fits the larger screen. Waterproof and impact resistant, the Note 8 has a Gorilla Glass 5 series screen.

Social network pen

Animated GIF sharing is constantly growing in popularity on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. With the Note 8's smart SPen, the images you draw on the screen can be converted into GIF format, which is very popular on social networks nowadays.

The notes you write on the image will be converted to GIF format in slow motion. So, the smart S-Pen increases the joy of social networking.

The more you press the pen with a thickness of 0.7 millimeters, the darker the color line you will get. Users can also crop and share videos while watching them.

The 13-megapixel, wide-angle rear camera and the 8-megapixel front camera have optical stabilization capability and the device allows you to record videos more smoothly even when going up or down stairs.

Joy of cinema display

Weighing slightly over 195 grams, the Galaxy Note 8 has a 2560X1440 resolution QHD Plus AMOLED screen that fits comfortably even though it reaches a width of 74 millimeters.

While the Galaxy S8 has a screen case rate of 83.9 percent, this figure was 75 percent in Note 5. There are 25 apps on the S8 screen and 36 apps on the Galaxy Note 8, while the corners are a bit more square-like.

The screen, which is a bit wider than the Galaxy S8, has a cinematographic feature with a rate of 18.5X9. There will be no gaps in the infinity display while watching movies and TV shows on the phone screen from now on. The screen was extended compared to the S8 with 529 ppi, reaching 521 ppi.

Application pairing

You can pair applications on the Galaxy Note 8 with the App Pair feature. After the applications are paired, they are opened together when you touch them and the screen is divided into two. This feature allows users to use two different wireless headphones and listen to the same music with dual Bluetooth access. Thanks to this feature, which comes with Bluetooth 5 and is also available on the Galaxy S8, you can use the Bluetooth speaker while listening to music from your headset.

Fast internet connection

The download speed of the Galaxy Note 8, which comes with Cat 16 support, reaches up to 600 megabytes per second (Mbps). After the update, the Galaxy S8 series will also offer Cat 16 support, instantly selecting and translating the word you touch for translation. This feature, which is also available on the Note 7, now uses the entire sentence in translations. The unit of measurement is also converted into the units used within Turkey. The processor is 10 nm, and is the same as the S8 plus, with 6GBs of memory. The device will be available in four colors to be announced but will be available in Turkey in three colors; namely, black, gold and orchid gray. Blue devices will not be available in Turkey. There will also be AKG headphones in the box.

Top 5 in world for Note series

Issuing a statement following the meeting, Samsung Electronics Turkey Vice President Tansu Yeğen said that 2017 has been a difficult year for Turkey, stressing that according to GfK studies, the sector shrunk by 15 percent in turnover in the first six months and reached $5.4 billion.

"We estimate that sales will decrease by 9 percent to 11.6 million units at the end of the year. These figures show the first shrinkage in the last three years. In particular, the phones sold for $400 or more were shrunk. Interestingly though, devices under $300 in value also shrunk," Yeğen said. "The most interesting point is that there was an increase in sales of phones within the TL 1,000 and TL 1,500 price range. We kept the price of the Note 8 below TL 5,000 despite the increase in the TRT banderol to reduce the narrowing of the upper segment phones. Turkey is one of the top five countries that shows the highest interest in the Note series. The main reason for the downsizing is the increase in the currencies."

Yeğen noted that they have received 10,000 preliminary requests from corporate customers, stressing that there will be surprise gifts of $500 and Gear S3 for Note 8 buyers.

Flagship competition

Apple, Samsung's biggest competitor in the global market, is expected to promote the iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 in the second week of September. Huawei, which ranks third in the said market, will announce the details of the Mate 10 model in a meeting to be held in October. Huawei's flagship Mate 10 and the new iPhone will enter into tough competition in the last quarter of the year and during the shopping season.

In the first quarter of the year, Samsung had a market share of 22.8 percent with sales of 79.2 million units, followed by Apple with 51.6 million units and 14.9 percent market share and Chinese Huawei with a market share of 9.8 percent and sales of 34.2 million units.

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