Turkish, US firms developing micro-reconnaissance robot

Published 26.01.2019 00:09

The Turkish defense industry is conducting multiple studies to develop various products with unmanned land vehicle technology for security forces. A domestic defense firm is now working to develop a micro-reconnaissance robot with a U.S.-based firm that would provide many tactical advantages.

Operating in civil and military areas, OFM Mühendislik offers an extensive range of services and products for operational ability in dangerous and hazardous environments.

To develop unmanned land vehicles of various sizes in the defense industry, OFM Mühendislik plans to manufacture a micro-reconnaissance robot.

OFM General Manager Fuat Mörel said the particular needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and security forces have emerged recently regarding micro-land vehicles. He noted that the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) was also working on this issue.

"We are carrying out studies related to manufacturing with a domestic contribution with a U.S.-based company to add this critical technology to our country. We are proceeding with our studies for the emergence of a domestic and national product in the following stage," Mörel said.

The OFM general manager noted that micro-reconnaissance robots would provide many tactical advantages to security forces.

"We think the robot will contribute to collecting critical tactical information during operations carried out by security forces, especially in residential areas. This robot can resist falls of 9 meters to a concrete floor and be thrown 36 meters. It can fulfill all functions completely despite these impacts, transferring snapshots and sounds from within the structure. Security forces will have instant situational awareness. Thus, we think possible operational negativities will be prevented," Mörel said.

Meanwhile, Throwbot TB2, a micro-reconnaissance robot currently in the inventory of various armies, transmits real-time audio and video to users from indoor and outdoor areas. The robot weighs only 600 grams and is manufactured to withstand falling from a height of 9 meters. After commissioning, it can move silently to its destination and transfer instant snapshots and sounds to the Operator Control Unit.

With these features, the robot can identify suspects, prove the existence of hostages, follow up conversations and get information about room status.

Equipped with an infrared optical system that is activated automatically in low ambient light, the robot can transfer image and sound a distance of 45 meters in closed areas. It is designed to crawl over a variety of terrains, clearing obstacles up to 5 centimeters tall.

Moreover, conversion kits are available that can increase the ability of the Throwbot TB2 to cross obstacles up to 10 centimeters tall or carry and tow a combined 1.8 kilograms of payloads.

Focusing on "protective engineering," OFM Mühendislik also produced Blast Resistant Modular Shelter (PADMER) at the end of research and development (R&D) activities. The blast-resistant and bulletproof PADMER, which ensures the safety of personnel and equipment even in the most dangerous conditions, has started to be used in various projects in the defense industry.

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