Turkcell's local search engine to release email, navigation services

Published 26.02.2019 00:07

Turkey's free local search engine and web browser Yaani will soon release an e-mail service and state-of-the-art navigation features equipped with the latest map data.

Yaani, run by Turkey's largest telecom operator, Turkcell, currently handles more than 3 million searches per day and the number keeps growing.

Turkcell currently offers digital services to its customers 24/7 and will respond to a very important need with Turkey's domestic Yaani E-mail and Yaani Navigation services.

The data for both services will be stored at Turkcell data centers. Yaani E-mail service, which will provide easy usage by prioritizing the customer experience, will be integrated with Turkcell services. In addition to individual use, services will be provided to institutions as well. Users can also log in with the Quick Access technology.

Using the latest technologies equipped with the latest map data, Yaani Navigation service will show its users the most accurate and up-to-date addresses and will enable drivers to save time with the traffic density integration. Available on both mobile and web, Yaani can be downloaded from iOS and Android play stores.

Turkcell General Manager Kaan Terzioğlu said they are working to add value to every moment of their users with their digital operator vision and 1440 strategy. "Our digital products and services will now attract more attention not just in Turkey as well as around the world," said Terzioğlu. "We are developing services that make a real difference for our customers, standing out among the competitors with brand new features and offering a superior user experience." Recalling that they reached 8 million downloads in a short period of one year with the support of their customers, he said they are now adding email and navigation features to Turkey's local search engine.

Turkcell honored at GSMA Mobile World Congress

Turkcell received an award at the last GSMA Mobile World Congress, the biggest sectoral event of the world. Terzioğlu received the GSMA's Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry Award for 2019 for his contributions to digitalization and growth in the mobile communication industry and his leadership in humanitarian technology.

The GSMA Board Member and the GSMA Foundation Member Terzioğlu received the award from the GSMA Chairman Stéphane Richard at a special ceremony attended by the Spanish King Felipe VI.

In his speech, Richard underlined Turkcell's growth in the last two years, the acceleration brought into the sector by the digital business model and the importance of the products and services that Turkcell has developed with the sensitivity of technology for people.

In his acceptance speech, Terzioğlu pointed to the special role of the mobile communication sector in making a difference in human life. "I am proud to be a part of this industry, which can create a serious impact with the projects carried out in the field of sustainable and humanitarian development," he said.

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