Turkish software firm begins exports to North America, Europe

Published 16.09.2019 00:06

i2i Systems, a fully domestic research and development company that produces indigenous software and value-added products for the telecom sector, has developed systems that can install end-to-end mobile operators at a basic level, launching exports to North America and Central Europe.

i2i Systems Founding Partner and Strategy and Architecture Department Director Osman Meral said the software company operates in the fields of energy and finance, in particular, telecom. "We are active in three locations in Istanbul, namely İTU ARI Teknokent, Yıldız Teknopark, and Teknopark Istanbul, with a staff of approximately 250 engineers," he added. The firm has significant knowledge and competence in developing infrastructure software for corporate companies, mainly telecom operators, Meral said, adding: "Many products/systems we have developed in the field of Telecom Business Support Systems (BSS) are already in our portfolio. These products and systems are used by mobile operators both in Turkey and abroad."

In addition to local customers such as Türk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone, TTNET, Superonline, Doğuş and Aksa Energy, Meral stressed that they also supply technology to Videotron in Canada, Naxtel in Azerbaijan, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, MCel in Mozambique, and Asiacell in Iraq.

"The biggest difference i2i Systems makes in the sector is its dedication and persistent efforts to break the distant stance towards domestic products/systems, especially in corporate companies," Meral said. "i2i Systems is a domestic company that can break this prejudice with its products of international standard and quality, which is a matter of process. We continue our product development efforts in a disciplined and dedicated way. These efforts began to bear fruit, and we are now able to compete with the world's giant manufacturers. Corporate companies have also begun to see us in the same category. These successes have also contributed positively to our overseas operations, and we are now able to export software to North America and Central Europe." Meral said that they did many studies as part of 5G preparations in Turkey and that the company started to carry its existing experience in business support systems to the core network and radio software fields with a strategic decision taken in 2014.

Noting that the company developed a project called İTÜCell on the İTÜ Maslak campus in cooperation with İTU in 2016, Meral added that i2i managed to establish a small communication network by developing 4G core network software called EPC and integrating it with several base stations.

Meral stressed that they would like to increase their efforts in the short term; especially on their flagship Online Charging System (OCS) product and that they aim to productize the works in the 5G Core Network, IMS and 5G New Radio.

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