One million Ukrainian tourists expected if tour prices remain steady

Published 22.06.2016 00:00

The president of the Association of Ukrainian Travel Agency Oleksandr Novikovsky said 746,000 Ukrainian tourists visited Turkey last year and he has asked that Turkey not raise its tour package prices in July and August, peak travel season. "Do not implement any price increases and 1 million Ukrainians could come," Novikovsky added.

After arriving in the province of Muğla to visit the area, Novikovsky said he was aware that Turkey is expecting more tourists from Ukraine considering the crisis faced by Turkey's tourism sector. Pointing out that Ukrainians preferred one-week packages with costs between $250-$300 in May and June, Novikovsky continued: "People in Ukraine do not make a lot of money. The salaries have been reduced to about $200 since the crisis. That's why price gouging should not be implemented for tour packages from July to August. Last year, a total of 749,000 Ukrainians came to Turkey;318,000 of those with package tours purchased travel agencies and 431,000 individually." Novikovsky stated that Turkey is the closest vacation spot and widely loved by Ukrainians, adding that Turkey has high quality hospitality, its sea is stunning and anyone who goes on the affordable tours, costing $500 on average, also contribute to Turkey's economy, with average tourists spending $200 on shopping during their stay. He stressed that it is important for the Turkish government to offer $6,000 in support per flight to travel agencies which bring tourists to Turkey from April 1 to May 31, potentially dropping the cost of plane tickets to between $150 and $180 per capita, according to Novikovsky.

18 flights in a week

YDA Dalaman Airport International Flights Director General Hamdi Güvenç said 5,000 Ukrainian tourists arrived in Turkey on 18 different planes in a single week. "Ukraine is a shining market and it is breaking records. Flights started from different Ukrainian cities as well, while tourists who have visited Turkey more than once fall in love with it. Therefore, it is a positive way to keep tourists coming back to Turkey. We call them loyal customers." According to Güvenç, a strategic target for each country is to obtain a loyal customer base; increasing the likelihood for q quicker end to the current tourism crisis.

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