New submarine attraction to welcome tourists in Turkey’s Alanya

Published 10.04.2017 16:22
Updated 11.04.2017 19:24
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A new submarine attraction that offers tourists an exciting new way to discover the Mediterranean Sea has been opened to visitors in the Alanya district of Antalya province after initial test dives. The company ZZT Ulucan Marine imported the submarine called "Nemo Primero" from Jamaica.

The submarine was produced in Finland and has a capacity of 22 passengers and 2 crew members. It is 13 meters long and it can dive to a maximum of 100 meters depth. The touristic submarine boasts cutting-edge technology and has a strict security system. Due to its high battery capacity it can travel for a total of 10 hours without interruption and can remain submerged for up to 72 hours and 30 minutes.

The general director of ZZT Ulucan Marine, Doğucan Şahin, told Anadolu Agency that his company is aiming to dive eight times per day and to take a total of 35,000 tourists per year on a voyage under the sea. Both local and foreign tourists will be able to admire the blue depths around Alanya through 12 underwater visitor windows with 80 cm diameter and a larger front plane.

Also notable is its high underwater maneuverability; the submarine can make 10 dives on the same day without any outside support. Diving and balance systems allow Nemo Primero to dive and surface in less than a minute, providing easy underwater control. The air in the submarine is constantly refreshed and cooled with the indoor air conditioner during dives, providing a comfortable and healthy trip for passengers. At the end of the cruise, participants are given an "aquanaut" certificate to remember their special journey into the depths of the Mediterranean by submarine.

ZZT Ulucan Marine General Manager Doğucan Şahin stated that the average one-hour tour starts from Alanya Marina and ends in the same place. "After Nemo Primero's import, we obtained the necessary permits and did our test dives. Since completing the test dives, we have been cruising twice a day, five days a week. But the demand is very high, so we will increase the number of tours to eight," said Şahin. He also noted that they had established a safe zone for the tourist submarine in the marina, saying that sculptures had been placed under the water and that divers could perform shows during the trip.

"People of all ages with sufficient physical conditioning can dive with us in our submarine to discover the beauty underwater," added Şahin, emphasizing that passengers do not feel the change in pressure in their ears because atmospheric pressure is preserved inside the vehicle.

Company owner İzzet Ulucan stated that the Nemo Primeroo had been successfully accredited under the strict supervision of Turk Loydu, receiving its class certificate last November. "The philosophy of our company is to provide safety first, comfort and new experiences second," said Ulucan. He remarked that submarine tour participants have the opportunity to experience something different, to witness the marvels of another world underwater.

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