THY takes measures against US electronics ban

Published 12.04.2017 21:04

Turkish Airlines (THY) has taken additional measures with regards to the ban on carrying electronic devices larger than cellphones on flights to the U.S. and U.K. According to news reports by Habertürk, the company launched a new policy against electronic devices which manage to pass the control point but are later detected on a passenger inside the cabin. Accordingly, if the device is detected on the passenger when the aircraft is still on the ground with doors still open, the device will be brought down to the cargo section.

If the device is detected during maneuvering of the aircraft when the plane is preparing for take-off, the aircraft will be turned back and the device will be unloaded from the aircraft.

If the aircraft is in the air, the passenger will be told that the device must be taken from him/her in accordance with the relevant rules of authority. The device will be stored in a special plastic storage bag and kept in a safe place. The flight team will be provided with detailed information about the passenger and the device, and the flight crew will inform the THY Operations Control Center in order to transfer information to the arrival station.

After landing, the device will be delivered to the station authorities along with information on the passenger and his/her seat number, and the passenger will be informed further by the station authorities.

Meanwhile, due to delayed delivery of cabin crew luggage loaded under the aircraft in relation to increased security measures, THY has prohibited cabin crew from bringing luggage on their U.S. flights. From now on, the crew will only be able to carry their personal belongings in their hand luggage during U.S. flights.

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