Turkey, Iran sign memorandum of understanding for 40 pct increase in scheduled flights


A memorandum of understanding foreseeing a 40 percent increase in scheduled passenger flights between Turkey and Iran was signed in Istanbul as a result of civil aviation negotiations between the two countries.

With the agreement, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SGHM) has put into action another bilateral aviation agreement that is expected to contribute to the country's tourism and economy.

Signed on Jan. 24 by SGHM acting Director General Bahri Kesici and Iran Civil Aviation Organization Vice President Morteza Dehghan, the agreement said the weekly scheduled passenger flights from Turkey to Iran will increase from 70 to 100.

"Along with a large increase in flights, the scheduled points have been increased from six to nine with an addition of Ahvaz, Isfahan and a point that will be determined later to the points where Turkish carriers will organize scheduled flights," he said.

It was reported that consultations on civil aviation cooperation were also held at the meeting between delegations with representatives of domestic airline companies in attendance.

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