Tourists in Turkey spent nearly $6 billion on food, beverages in 2017


According to the TurkStat data, tourism revenues, which had reached a record high at $34.3 billion in 2014, dropped to $31.5 billion in 2015 due to terrorist attacks, and to $22.1 billion in 2016 because of the coup attempt. The tourism industry, which started to recover thanks to diplomatic initiatives and measures, increased its revenues last year by about 19 percent to about $26.3 billion.The tourists who vacationed in Turkey last year spent $21.461 billion on personal expenditures and $4.822 billion on package tours.

While the highest personal expenditures among tourists was on eating and drinking at $5.86 billion, international transportation followed at $3.701 billion.

Tourists spent $3.084 billion on accommodations, $1.967 billion on transportation within Turkey, $827 million on health, $291 million on sports, education and culture and $105 million on tour services.

Tourists also showed increased interest in clothing and footwear in Turkey, spending $3.156 billion, as well as $1.266 billion on souvenirs. Tourists also purchased $102 million worth of carpets. Spending on marina services was $47 million and spending in other categories was $949 million.

Tourist spending by citizens living in the country and visiting other countries amounted to $5.137 billion in 2017. Turkish tourists who vacationed abroad last year spent $4.095 billion on personal expenses, $1.42 billion on package tours, $1.094 billion on food and beverages, $1.04 billion on accommodations and $401 million on souvenirs.

The average spending made by 8,886,916 people going abroad last year was $578 per trip.

Meanwhile, tourism revenues in Greece are forecasted to hit $16.3 billion euros.

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