Festivals in Turkey's tourist spots to boost number of Indian visitors

Published 19.07.2018 20:58
Updated 19.07.2018 21:00

Indian envoy to Ankara Sanjay Bhattacharyya announced that the embassy plans to organize a festival in Turkey, which is expected to boost the number of Indian tourists to the country. The festival will highlight the strong ties between the two countries, the ambassador said, and noted that Indians living in India or anywhere else in the world will prefer Turkey more and more as a destination. He also strongly emphasized that the festival will contribute immensely to commercial and tourism ties between Turkey and India. Ambassador Bhattacharyya highlighted that bilateral relations between Turkey and India are getting stronger and that the embassy tries to improve ties in all aspects.

To improve economic and cultural relations between the two countries, an Indian festival will be organized in various tourism destinations in Turkey, the ambassador said, emphasizing that tourism is an important for developing and strengthening ties. Shooting some Indian movies in Turkey, the ambassador added, has boosted the interest of Indians in the country. Thus, festival venues will be in Ankara, Istanbul and Cappadocia. After negotiating with the Culture and Tourism Ministry, more tourist destinations will be added, according to the ambassador.

Bhattacharyya drew attention to the rising number of Indian tourists visiting Turkey and stressed that the increase has been facilitated by Turkish Airlines (THY) flights to Mumbai and New Delhi.

Indians consider Antalya the capital of tourism

Ambassador Bhattacharyya said that tourism facilities on the Mediterranean coast that hosted a number of splendid Indian weddings would see continually rising demand. "For wedding events, Indians consider Antalya the capital of tourism. Indians have extended families, and when all the relatives and friends of the couples want to attend a wedding abroad, they need hotels with large capacities. Therefore, facilities in Antalya meet this need.

Turkey is becoming more and more popular in India with around 200,000 tourists visiting the country. "The friendly Turkish-Indian ties continue to improve in political, economic and cultural terms. Tourism relations between the two countries are very promising for the future and the number of Indians who want to discover Turkey is growing," Bhattacharyya said.

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